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    Blackwood is One Man Crusade to save what can be saved of rainforest hard and exotic species by former Melbourne University scientist.  The World has lost over half of its rainforests in relentless pursuit of rare, hard and beautiful woods as well as accessing new areas for agricultural exploitation. To the devastating effects. Hardwoods can not be replaced and cleared jungles with no top soil soon turn to barren arid unproductive semi deserts, as rains stop coming.  We don't know where is the threshold of the point of No Return. It is possible we have already passed it ?!  If that is the case no matter what measures we take, it can only delay the end of all life on Earth, but not avert it.  The past 40 years the undersigned has dedicated to Wood Science research and the last 22 years to a single project - Blackwood

    We take plantation grown softwoods, the World already has enough of it, subject it to chemical modification and arrive at unlimited supply of high quality hardwood that is: strong, hard, durable, attractive and suitable for huge range of end uses.

    We have focused on providing a safe substitute for components of musical instruments; Ebony and Rosewood. Blackwood tonewood materials are ready to use, dried to under 5% moisture content, predictable, dimensionally extremely stable,its density predetermined to suit a particular purpose. All materials are 100% guaranteed, against all defects. The music needs of the whole World can be met from our Zibo manufacturing site.  The process itself is fully FSC sustainable, with feel of real wood,using chemicals of organic origin.
    We have only one planet at our disposal. The nearest Earth-like planet is light years away. So, we have a pretty good reason to look after what we have with greater care. Blackwood Co Ltd is doing its part.

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