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    Shandong Blackwood Technology Co., Ltd.has a number of international patents, is committed to the development of modified wood and new materials, bio-energy conversion of agricultural waste, industrial pollution purification systems and other new eco-friendly technologies and industries.

    Core technical team from the University of Melbourne and the University of Waterloo in Canada\'s top scientists, gathered world-class forestry chemical experts, microwave experts, chemical engineers design, manufacture professional equipment engineer, forestry engineer, wood pharmacology experts, IT specialists, marketing experts, etc. high-tech talent.

    New material dark wood, cork unlimited resources for regeneration as biochemical process, instead of endangered natural hardwoods, to form a more perfect than the growth of the Millennium hardwood wooden performance. Analogy ebony, rosewood and ebony density and hardness, Kuroki more with high stability, durability, high hardness and high density characteristics, while overcoming the weak nature of wood, set fire retardant, waterproof, anti-UV, anti-marine biological and advantages of termites in one dark wood products are widely used as follows:

    A large number of the world\'s tropical rainforest deforestation, many valuable hardwood resource is endangered, so far, 60 percent of forest resources have been destroyed to 17 million hectares per year rate of decline, caused by climate change, floods and droughts occur frequently, serious soil erosion. Tropical rainforests as the Earth\'s lungs, regeneration oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, the maintenance of life on Earth, the rest of the resources needed to take urgent measures to protect them.

    Kuroki use technology to change lives and timber industries, customers get from here to reduce the cost and enhance the quality of not only the future, it is a green technology concepts and environmental protection mission. Kuroki science and technology aimed at passionate appeal to protect forest resources, to extend the life of the planet.

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