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    Environmental Responsibility

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    Huge swaths of native forests were turned to wasteland, and the planned reforestation never took place. Weather patterns changed too rapidly.
    In order to reach few prized trees of ebony, rosewood and vitex much damage was inflicted to soil and waterways and hundreds of lesser trees were cleared to reach the desired trees.
    Massive bush fires destroyed, what escaped the chainsaws.
    There was nothing to fight the fires with. Lush green tropical paradise was turn into moon face arid deserts.

    Renewable resources

    Blackwood is a result of over 20 years search for the solution.
    We have created processed wood from plantation grown softwoods that is indistinguishable from good heavy ebony, with strength, density, stability and tonal quality not only matching but exceeding those of ebony.
    It is an unprecedented technology that not only gives the player a choice of superior tones and sounds, it is our last opportunity to save the little rain forests we have left.

    We don`t want to be an armchair strategist,

    but a solution provider.

    Blackwood--every link using 100% FSC materials

    Blackwood does not contain harmful substances
    such as formaldehyde or heavy metals.

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